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Moving to a new city come is an exciting time in life. And when you make that move, call upon Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to professionally move your furnishings. Since 1905, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has been The Way to Move™. Let us take care of the moving day details, so you don’t have to worry. Here’s some of what you need to know when you’re moving to the Portland area.

A Move to Portland

Who said moving can’t be green? Portland is frequently recognized as one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world because of its high walkability, large community of bicyclists, farm-to-table dining, expansive network of public transportation options, and 10,000+ acres of public parks.

The Natural Beauty of Portland

If you’re moving to Portland, you’ll soon realize how enchanting the area can be. In Portland, the best way to enjoy the city’s historic charm is through Portland Walking Tours’ excursions, which USA Today calls one of the top five such providers in the nation. Find out more about the city’s commitment to the environment through the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, one of the top interactive science museums in the country.

For some intellectual sightseeing, peruse the million or so volumes of the world’s largest used bookstore at Powell’s, with six locations. Finally, make some time for the Portland Art Museum, the oldest in the Northwest and one of the 25 largest in the country (, where more than 35,000 American, Asian, European, Native American and contemporary pieces vie for your admiration.

The area’s climate is marked by warm, dry summers and chilly, rainy winters. This climate is ideal for growing roses, and Portland has been called the “City of Roses” for over a century. Portland experiences a temperate climate with both oceanic and Mediterranean features. This climate is characterized by warm, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. The precipitation pattern is distinctly Mediterranean, with little to no rainfall occurring during the summer months and more than half of annual precipitation falling between November and February. Portland experiences a much more temperate climate than one would expect of its latitude, with snowfall and freezing temperatures uncommon.

If you’re moving to save some pennies, we have some good news. The Vancouver economy is characterized by border economics with neighboring Portland. The state of Washington levies no individual or corporate income taxes and levies a property tax below the national average and a sales tax above the national median. The State of Oregon has even lower property taxes and no sales tax but one of the highest state income taxes.

As a result, many Vancouver residents prefer to shop in neighboring Portland where they do not pay sales taxes then live and work in Vancouver where they do not pay state income tax. (Washington residents who work in Oregon must pay Oregon income tax.) For the same reasons, the city is popular with retirees. Conversely, the city is less favored by students and young adults.

What a Move to Portland Has to Offer You

Portland’s location is beneficial for several industries. Relatively low energy cost, accessible resources, north–south and east–west Interstates, international air terminals, large marine shipping facilities, and both west coast intercontinental railroads are all economic advantages. The US consulting firm Mercer, in a 2009 assessment “conducted to help governments and major companies place employees on international assignments”, ranked Portland 42nd worldwide in quality of living; the survey factored in political stability, personal freedom, sanitation, crime, housing, the natural environment, recreation, banking facilities, availability of consumer goods, education, and public services including transportation. In 2012, the city was listed among the 10 best places to retire in the U.S. by CBS MoneyWatch.

If you’ve been to Portland prior to your move, you’ll realize the city has a lot of personality. Portland’s cityscape derives much of its character from the numerous bridges that span the Willamette River downtown, several of which are historical landmarks, and Portland has been nicknamed “Bridgetown” for many decades as a result. Three of downtown’s most heavily-utilized bridges are more than 100 years old and are designated historic landmarks: Hawthorne Bridge (1910), Steel Bridge (1912), and Broadway Bridge (1913). Portland’s newest bridge in the downtown area, Tilikum Crossing, opened in 2015 and is the first new bridge to span the Willamette in Portland since the 1973 opening of the Fremont Bridge.

Portland is home to two major league sports teams — the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association, and the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer. The city also hosts a wide variety of other sports and sporting events.

Professional Movers in Portland Oregon

If you’re in need of a reliable moving company on your way to or from the Portland area, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is the moving solution for you. Discover for yourself why Stevens Worldwide is The Way to Move™.

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